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21 Most Commonly Confused Words In English Language



English Language has a lot of words that can easily confuse the speaker, and lots of people make these mistakes while speaking, chatting or posting comments without realising it. 

Below are some of the commonly confused words English speakers use in their everyday conversations: 

(1)advice (noun): recommendations about what to do

advise (verb): to recommend something

(2)aisle: a passage between rows of seats

isle: an island

(3)stationary: not moving

stationery: writing materials

(4)palate: the roof of the mouth

palette: a board for mixing colours

(5)assent: agreement, approval 

ascent: the action of rising or climbing up

(6)principal: most important; the head of a school

principle: a fundamental rule or belief

(7)canvas: a type of strong cloth

canvass: to seek people’s votes

( chord: a group of musical notes

cord: a length of string; a cord-like body part

(9)complement: to add to so as to improve; an addition that improves something

compliment: to praise or express approval; an admiring remark

(10)council: a group of people who manage or advise

counsel: advice; to advise

(11)defuse: to make a situation less tense

diffuse: to spread over a wide area

(12)discreet: careful not to attract attention

discrete: separate and distinct

(13)disinterested: impartial

uninterested: not interested

(14)envelop: to cover or surround

envelope: a paper container for a letter

(15)forbear: to refrain

forebear: an ancestor

(16)foreword: an introduction to a book

forward: onwards, ahead

(17)hoard: a store

horde: a large crowd of people

(18)loath: reluctant, unwilling 

loathe: to hate

(19)loose: to unfasten; to set free

lose: to be deprived of; to be unable to find

(20)meter: a measuring device

metre: a metric unit; rhythm in verse

(21) their (adjective): of, belonging to,made by, or done by them. They did their home work.

there (Noun): that place or point. Put it there.
Which of them have you been using wrongly?

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7 Things Students Can Do During The ASUU Strike




Just at the time, we thought the era of students having to stay some extra years in school due to unnecessary strikes championed by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) was over, they strike again.


This is really a sad tale as this could cause major disruptions in the school calendar. But we are here to give you things students can do during the ASUU strike.

Unfortunately, it is easy for affected students to get into a lazy mode, where they sit around doing nothing or just whiling away valuable time that can never be gotten back.


Some students will eventually spend time on frivolities that have no positive impact on their lives all through the period of the strike.


But on the bright side of things, since you are here and you may be wondering how you could possibly make this “indefinite” time worth your while, 

we ask you to take the time to read through these things students can do during the ASUU strike that will help you benefit from your stay away from school.

Start a Business

As an undergraduate who is willing to become self-reliant, there is no better time to start a small business than now. 

The strike period is the perfect period to go out there, launch out that business idea you’ve been nursing. 

There is no age too young for becoming an entrepreneur and it’s easier to stert a business now than ever before due to the presence of technology that eases alot of things.

Use this period at home to start a small business. You could either sell products or render a service.
 The good thing is that you do not necessarily need a large capital to get yourself started. You can also use social media as a tool to leverage your business.

Most importantly, carry out a market research and survey in the type of business you are going into before you actually start. 

You could start a home cleaning service or food delivery service…there are so many options.

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Managing a business gives you a lot of opportunities to gain a lot of experience such as people skills, teamwork, etc which will be beneficial when you eventually conclude your studies.


Learn a new skill

You finally have the time to learn a new skill. It could be photography, jewelry making, learning to play an instrument, baking, writing and producing music or playing a sport.


Take the time to learn it and get really good at it. Not only does it give you an edge and provide opportunities for a side hustle, it will help build your self-confidence and give you value for time invested.

In our world today, certifications would help you in diverse ways, but, having a skill that meets the demands of the world economy and the demands of people on daily basis would rather take you farther in your career.

The world is ruled by people who have armed themselves with skills that are useful in our world today. There are several skills that one could actually learn, depending on your interest.

After learning the skill of your choice, don’t hesitate to put it into practice even when school resumes again. This will further enhance the skill thereby making you perfect in it.

Enrol for a Professional Certification Course

The university might be closed but there are other avenues for learning. You can enrol in short courses online or for professional classes that will grant you certain qualifications that may become relevant in future.


Even if you do not have the money to pay for these courses, you can go for free ones on portals like Coursera or Edx.

You don’t necessarily have to get a certificate; the idea is to acquire new knowledge that will be relevant to your career goals or aspirations. Like the old saying goes “No knowledge is a waste.”


Get a job

While you are at home, you might as well make a little money. Get a job as an intern or assistant in an office or company preferably close to you so you don’t spend too much on transport fares.

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You can even get a job as a paid apprentice at a salon or creative studio. Even more, you may decide to go for something freelance like writing or blogging.

In the course of finding a place to work, the basic thing to do is to find any industry or company that is related to your course of study in school, get enrolled and learn the ropes in that field.


By so doing, you’d gain more experience that will give you an edge in your profession.


The beauty of the internet is that you can get connected to so many job opportunities without necessarily breaking a sweat.


The money made may not be the kind that will set you up for life, but it may be enough to take care of some needs. Moreover, working would be fun and educational.


You learn the value of time and money and attain the essence of work ethic and work culture. Which no one would teach you within the four walls of a school.


Volunteering is a great way to give back to society or just do some good with your time. You can volunteer at NGOs or religious organizations, where the aim is to help others and better the society.

You could also get involved in a number of empowerment programs tailored for young people where certain skill sets you possess may be needed and you can acquire new ones also.

There is a measure of accomplishment and sense of fulfilment that comes with serving humanity. It also exposes you to great opportunities like training, travel e.t.c.



There is never a bad time to travel. As a student, you may not have a lot of resources available for long leisurely trips, but you can visit another state within the country or just other cities within your state.


Travelling can be fun and educational at the same time for students.


It is also a great way for students to learn more about the world around you and open yourself to alternative cultures tradition and lifestyles.

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You could travel to other African cities or continents if you can afford it or you have a sponsor as well. 
The important thing though, is that you keep your ear on the ground while on your travels, so you are well informed when the strike is called off.
Attend Seminars and Personal Development Events


The period at home offers a great opportunity to improve your social skills. Attend conferences and seminars as well as events.


It does not have to be professional or vocational seminars or events. It could be events that offer opportunities to explore your hobbies or just enjoy yourself.


Also, this offers opportunities for networking and exposes you to new connections. It could be book readings, slam poetry competitions, meetups, concerts e.t.c


Bonus Tip

The best way to earn even as school is on strike is to become a Student Ambassador with Kwaba. This is a new property listing website that caters to the accommodation needs of students.


This opportunity is open to everyone who can refer other students to pick an accommodation through you.


All you have to do is make out to engage with students who are looking for off-campus accommodation especially the new students in school.


You get to earn commissions on every successful referral and can even have your next rent paid by Kwaba.


The truth is that being on an “indefinite” strike sucks; however, being positive about how you spin it, could make the time really worth your while.


You think of other ways students can engage themselves pending when ASUU calls off the strike.

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Tragedy As NYSC Corps Member Dies Just One Month To His Passing Out – See Photos




The late corps member, Daniel
Malaria has allegedly claimed the life of a corps member undergoing his NYSC in Kwara State. 

A Facebook user identified as Jonathan Azubuike Iheanacho, has taken to the social networking platform to share the shocking news of his friend who just passed away while serving the country.

The victim identified as Alswell Daniel, who is a serving corps member undergoing his National Youth Service Corps in Kwara State, reportedly died as a result of malaria.

It was gathered that Daniel, who is a graduate of the Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education Portharcourt, Rivers State, and died on Tuesday, was meant to finish his service by next month.


Mourning his death, Jonathan posted the deceased’s photos and wrote: “OH! Death you are indeed inevitable. 

Papa Alswell Daniel, we love you but God loves you most. #RIP_Peace_Practitioner.”

See more photos below;

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Don Jazzy’s Father Graduates From The University, Don Jazzy Plans A Return




Mavins boss Don Jazzy took to his excitement and congratulate his father on his graduation from the University upon getting his B.A in film and television production. 

Don Jazzy expressed how proud he was of his dad and also said he has been inspired by his dad to return back to the University

This means that Don jazzy mighty be returning back to school soon to get a degree.
See his post below.. 

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