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My Boyfriend Donated One Of His Kidneys To Me – Nigerian Girl Opens Up



A young lady of 27 years has shared a touching story of how her man donated one of his kidneys to her. 

Relationship blogger, adviser, and online psychologist, Joro Olumofin has shared a story of a lady whose boyfriend is cheating on her.


According to her, the young man donated his kidney to her while hers was bad. She is presently expressing worries about getting married to him.


Read the motivating story below:

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‘My Husband Sleeps Off During Sex’ – Wife




A 27 – year – old housewife in Akwa Ibom State, Iniobong Edem , has asked an Uyo High Court to dissolve her marriage over the alleged inability of her 41- year – old husband, Mr. Edem Bassey, to satisfy her sexually.

She told the court on Friday that her husband was so bad sexually that he usually slept off during intercourse with her.

Describing her husband as a one- minute man , Iniobong stated that she had not been able to get pregnant since they got married as her husband got tired easily whenever he got back home .

It was observed that immediately after the appeal, the courtroom was thrown into laughter , especially when she described her husband as a ‘ one- minute man . ’

My Lord , my husband always complains of being tired every night I demand sex from him . He cannot last more than two minutes without taking drugs . 

Sometimes , he will sleep off on top of me , ” she said .

When asked if there could be any alternative to resolve the matter apart from divorce , Iniobong said “ to hell with the marriage . ”

She urged the court to separate them , adding that she was no longer interested in the union .

The case was adjourned to enable the husband respond to the allegations.

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‘You Tie Smelly Wrapper, Smelly Private Part, Yet Want Sex From Your Husband’ – Lady




Controversial London based Vlogger, Sade Ebonylips has come again with her sermon of teaching women on how to better their married lives.

Though she is always harsh but she says the truth the way it is.In this her new video, she talks about housewives who always tie wrappers, cook with the wrapper, and still expect hot sex from their husbands even if the wrapper or Vagina is smelling.
She admonishes housewives to take care of themselves so that slay queens outside won’t take their husbands away from them. 
Hear her:
“Idiotic housewives, mumu housewives, na you I de talk to, wetin you wan do? I go tell you the truth, onyeara, your husband go leave home, he go see you with wrapper, he go come home, he go see you with wrapper, the wrapper wey you cook egusi soup and onions, you don clean the house with the same wrapper, 

Your husband go come meet you for house with the same wrapper wey you tie, and you say your husband is not romantic, how he wan romance you when the wrapper dey smell. Your armpits dey smell, why now? 

And you want your husband to give you a new sex style, make your husband bend you in the kitchen and come de give you doggie style for your nyash, when you de tie the same wrapper wey de smell, your Vagina too de smell. 

Aunty, go sort yourself out o. Because all dem girls outside go help you……”
See reactions as many are hailing her for speaking out the ‘truth’.
But an Instagram user, graceawasa, questioned her on why she’s always attacking women:
‘Why are you always attacking women? I love you but tired of seeing you putting women down all the time and advocating for everyone to have a husband or live their lives satisfying men.. 

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Women fought and died for your right to speak today as a woman, most or all of these women were not house wives. 

You want to be an house wife? great for you but there are a lot of great women out there who don’t depend on satisfying men or getting married to have a life. please use this opportunity and platform to reach women in a positive way. 

How would you feel your two beautiful daughters would only live their lives satisfying men? Are you telling me that Queen Elizabeth there hasn’t accomplished anything even though her husband live to make her happy and takes orders from her?’
Watch the hilarious but educative video HERE

The way she demonstrates the Doggy style in kitchen is funny. 

What do you think? Is she making sense?

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Listen for better.

A post shared by S H A D E IYALAJE(Stratford) (@officialebonylips) on

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VP Osinbajo’s Love Story That Got People Talking 




By Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN
When I was 10 years old, there was a girl in my class who I was quite certain at the time that I could give my life. So I wrote her a lovely poem over a weekend; I wrote the poem on Friday and finished it on Saturday. 

And it was, if I may say so myself, a work of sheer genius. It ended with the dramatic words; “your warm embrace may be the last desire of my heart before I die!”

I tucked it in my school bag and looked forward with a heart filled with love for Monday, to present to the object of my affections.

My mum, while cleaning out the bag, found the letter, and all hell broke loose. Needless to say, she beat the poetic genius out of me that terrible afternoon.

But that’s not the end of the story. True love as you know, will survive even the worst brutality. So, I bore my injuries as a worthy suffering for my beloved. On Monday morning, I found the best opportunity to give her a freshly written version of the poem. 

I turned away as she took the letter, I didn’t want to behold the sheer pleasure as she read it, but as I turned around, I noticed that she had actually handed the poem over to the teacher and she was pointing at me!

While my physical bruises have healed from that experience, from as you can imagine, what happened with the teacher, my capacity for writing romantic poetry had been greatly diminished.

Fantastical Futures is the audaciously inspirational theme of this iteration of the Ake Arts & Book Festival. Why do we in today’s world, dare to hope for a future so fantastic that it is described as fantastical? 

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The reason it is, if I may offer one, is that there is for those who have cast this great vision; Lola, her friends and collaborators, they’ve have not allowed their vision to be beclouded by the cataracts of discouragement that so easily beset us. Two of those cataracts to our vision are worthy of mention.

The first is a disdain for introspection, which has just come over time, that capacity for deep thought, and making that the basis of planning and action. It is a disdain for introspection that causes our elite to spend or embezzle all the cash and opportunities of the present and make it the burden of a leaner future to pay for our corruption and carelessness.

A failure to interrogate the past, coupled with a reluctance to explain the benefit of deferring gratification. Is the creative sometimes, unable to stick to a cause because it may no longer be popular?

Niyi Osundare, the poet I’m sure we’re all familiar with, captures this elite inability to defer gratification in the provocative poem titled “Eating Tomorrow’s Yam”.

And I quote a portion of it, he said: “There is only one left in the village barn, the prodigal calls for a knife ‘what shall we eat tomorrow’, the people ask, ‘if we finish all the yam today just how shall we feel when the dunghill has relieved stomachs of their improvident burden? And says the prodigal: ‘tomorrow will take care of itself, how can we know the next day if we die of hunger today?”

The recursive one step forward two steps backwards of our histories, especially in Africa, has caused Prof. Tanure Ojaide, and I’m sure you’re all familiar with him as well, in his angry style, to ask “What poets do our leaders read?”

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Again, Tanure Ojaide in his poem, “No longer our country”, remonstrates, and I quote him; “We have lost it, a country we were born into, we can now sing dirges of the commonwealth only of yesterday. We have a country that is no longer our own.”

But even he, that is Ojaide, will agree that men and women, not spirits build societies. Which leads me to the second cataract that blurs our vision. Imagine the failure to recognize the responsibility of the individual, especially the gifted individual.

Does the artist have a responsibility to society beyond that of the ordinary citizen? Is there a civic tax payable on talent? Does the fact of your genius place upon you, a moral burden to attempt to use the powerful voice of your art to fight for the soul of the land, especially to fight for the soul of the land from whence you came?

To take moral positions, are you by virtue of your intellect and creativity a moral agent? Or are you not? Can you or not be neutral? Can you be politically neutral? Can you in the face of so much that needs to be done, poverty, deprivation, and injustice, stay politically neutral? Can Africa afford to have its best talents wearing halos of political innocence and saying “let us leave politics to the scoundrels?”

There is a growing impatience of the deprived millions of our people with the elite, which includes all of us in this room; the bombs tied to the 11-year-old body of Safiaru a malnourished girl, who has never been to school, cannot distinguish between a lawyer like Yemi Osinbajo or a writer like Molara Wood. The bomb does not discriminate!
Two things
Earlier this year, the government established the Technology and Creativity Sector Working Group: a policy committee of Federal Government Ministers and Heads of Agencies with Creatives, Tech and Entertainment business owners.
The group meets to work on policy, including rules and regulations regularly. So, we do have now, a policy group, who takes into account the sorts of views that Creatives may want especially in formulating policy and that is so for persons of technology as well. 

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So, I think there is plenty of room for expression, especially the way we want to see policies shaped that could affect our Creatives and could affect those involved in technology.
The last thing, did you enjoy the story I told earlier? It was fiction. I wish us all a fantastical future!

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